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HR Compliance Tracker

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Big changes are happening in the realm of workplace compliance issues and labor laws in the United States. Noncompliance with government regulations can have serious consequences—and can cost your business big time. Keep up with what's happening between the government and the workplace with the HR Compliance Tracker: your go-to place to stay updated on some major workforce compliance issues.


New rule aims to stabilize existing ACA insurance marketplace

On April 13, the Trump administration issued a final rule on market stabilization for the Affordable Care Act. This rule aims to stabilize the individual and small group markets and affirm the traditional role of state regulators.

The final rule shortens the enrollment period to 45 days, limits special enrollment periods, and allows insurers to collect past debt for unpaid premiums from the previous year before applying payments to a new policy. It should also give insurers more flexibility for designing low-premium plans. Business owners await to hear more from the administration on cost-sharing subsidies that cut down high deductibles and copayments for consumers with modest incomes.

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