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Still working in multiple systems?

Streamline your process by integrating with Fuse.


Automate Processes and Increase Productivity by Integrating with Fuse's Payroll and HR Software

As an HR professional, you’re being pulled in a million different directions daily. Your software shouldn’t add to the chaos! 
Find peace of mind and streamline with Fuse payroll and HR software. Our single sign-on, cloud-based, ready-whenever-you-need-it platform is fast, secure, and accurate. Fuse has endless possibilities and different ways to integrate with other systems you use daily.
How about you get time back in your day, add automation, and increase productivity, all with Fuse?

Increase Productivity

Search the marketplace and integrate Fuse with the software you use daily. Our open API integrates with Sharepoint, Salesforce, Equifax, eVerify, and more, to make your life easier. Securely activate new accounts with user provisioning. User provisioning lets you quickly create, edit, delete, or deactivate accounts. New employees spend less time with onboarding tasks, and offboarded employees are securely deactivated, minimizing data risks.


Attract The Best Talent

Recruiting is a huge part of the HR process. Why not have the candidates come to you instead of logging into different systems? Fuse integrates with the top free and paid platforms, like Indeed and Zip Recruiter. Instantly create job posts and push them to job boards, all with the click of a button.


Connect Benefits

With Fuse, you can connect your benefit enrollment data to your benefits carrier. No more paperwork! Employees can complete open enrollment or add life events to the platform, eliminating paperwork and errors.


Office 365 Integration

Fuse fully integrates with Office 365, giving you maximum flexibility. We know thousands of businesses rely on Office 365, so we built an API for this reason. No more scheduling performance reviews in 2 systems; let the integration do the work for you.

Fuse and office 365 integration

Google Workspace Integration

Businesses around the globe rely on Google to get things done. That’s why Fuse fully integrates with the entire Google suite, not just the Google Calendar! Got a Google Sheet with employee time on it? Not a problem; upload it to Fuse. Consolidate and streamline with our secure, single sign-on connection, complete with 2-Factor authentication for maximum security.

Fuse google integration

Ready To Ditch Your Current Clunky HR and Payroll System?