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It’s Time to Do Payroll
& HR The Right Way

Our award-winning platform and stellar customer service have helped hundreds of companies save money and time.

Don't get left behind. Join the elite HR teams maximizing their efficiency with Fuse.


Are you frustrated with having multiple systems that don't talk to each other?

Fuse streamlines disjointed HR systems so you can focus on scaling your business, not troubleshooting software.


One Platform

Fuse consolidates multiple HR and payroll systems into a unified platform. No more juggling multiple logins or wrestling with incompatible software—centralize your data and workflow to drive efficiency.

Complete Compliance

With specialized features designed for stringent timekeeping requirements, Fuse makes compliance effortless. Say goodbye to time-consuming audits and fines, especially crucial for businesses in California and sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and non-profit.

Amazing Support

Unlike larger vendors where you're just another ticket number, Fuse offers a boutique, team-first approach to customer support. Every ticket is routed to the right expert, ensuring rapid, effective solutions when you need them most.


How Fuse Works

Fuse is the all-in-one payroll and HR software built for you. No more disjointed systems and multiple logins. No more remembering more than one password. With Fuse, you get one system backed by amazing customer support.


Unify Your Tools with Fuse

Fuse consolidates all your payroll and HR functions into a single, user-friendly platform. Our system integrates timekeeping, payroll, and HR management, streamlining your entire operation. And because Fuse is so comprehensive, you can finally say goodbye to incompatible systems and messy workarounds. Imagine cutting down hours of administrative work to mere minutes, freeing up your time to focus on strategic HR initiatives and dedicating time to your employees.


Accountability and a Trusted Partner

We're more than just software; we're your partners in success. With Fuse, our implementation team does the demo and stays on as your support. Our 'team-first approach' ensures that you always have a direct line to the right expertise. We don't believe in passing the buck. Your success is our success.


Compliance Made Easy

Fuse specializes in staying ahead of state and industry-specific regulations. Our system automates compliance checks and keeps an audit-ready record of all your HR activities. Sleep easy knowing that Fuse is designed to adapt to the ever-changing legal landscape, so you're always ahead of the curve.


“Fuse makes everything that much faster...We’re saving at least 5-10 hours a week with Fuse. A verification of employment can take less than a minute compared to the five to six minutes for each employee using Paylocity.

Terri M. | VP of Human Resources | Automated Collection Services, Inc.

See how Fuse works

You want to build better relationships and foster organizational
growth, but there’s not enough time in the work day.


Working in multiple systems?

Unpack the top seven hidden costs of HR tech overload and the disconnected systems it leads to. Learn how to eliminate the problem by:

 • Prioritizing your HR data needs.
 • Thinking about the long-term ROI of your tech.
 • Focusing on the employee experience.
The Hidden Costs of Managing Employees in Disconnected Systems eBook cover

Transparent Pricing

With Fuse, what you see is what you get. You don’t need to comb through endless pages of documents to calculate what you are paying for and what you get. We offer simple, honest pricing on our services.


The Fuse system is probably the most powerful solution in the market for hosted payroll, time and attendance, and human resource management

James M. | Administrator | Wayne Manufacturing, LLC.

Getting started with Fuse is easy

With our proven process, you’ll be running payroll and HR efficiently in no time.

Evaluate Your Needs

We’ll work with you to design a just-for-you solution


Guided Onboarding

We’ll help you run your first 2 payrolls to ensure accuracy


Ongoing Support

We don’t wave goodbye once Fuse is running smoothly. Our team of experts is here when you need that extra help.

Become a Relational HR Professional

Discover the 3 steps you should take to move from being a “transactional” HR worker to a “relational” HR worker. 

Save time and become more productive as a result of letting employees manage their own time. 

Gain the respect of your company’s executives by giving them more accurate data, allowing them to make better-informed decisions in real-time.

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Change Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Find out why switching to Fuse is so easy. Your only regret will be not doing it sooner