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What’s Included?

In this 20-minute online masterclass, you will discover:

  • A roadmap for modern HR practices that will help you truly excel in your role
  • How to have more time to focus on your people instead of your keyboard
  • How to consolidate your data into a single system
  • How to make it clear to potential candidates (as well as existing employees) that you invest in modern systems
  • How to eliminate manual data entry so your data is actually trustworthy
  • Plus you’ll also discover how to get your hands on a free copy of our popular eBook, The Hidden Cost of Disconnected Systems.

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Switch from being a transactional HR worker to a relational HR worker today

In this masterclass, you’ll discover the 3 steps you should take in order to move away from being a “transactional” HR worker, so you can finally become a “relational” HR worker. 

When you follow these steps, you’ll become less stressed due to having fewer tools to deal with…

You’ll save time and become more productive as a result of letting employees manage their own time… 

And you’ll gain the respect of your company’s executives for giving them more accurate data, allowing them to make better informed decisions in real time.



3 Reasons Why You Should Register for Free Today

Spend More Time With Your People
You’ll finally be able to reduce the amount of time you spend at your keyboard, so you can focus more on your people.
Make a Bigger Impact
You’ll discover how you can make a positive impact on your department, your employees, and your entire company.
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More Accurate Data
You’ll learn a simple way to increase your data’s accuracy so executives can make informed decisions in real time. Your HR department will then finally get all the credit and respect it deserves.