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Employee Management Made Easy

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Sick of Hard-to-Use Tools That Don't Talk to Each Other?

The days of fragmented sources of truth and manual processes are over. Fuse unifies your employee management functions under one roof, so information is available when and where it's needed and automatically initiates next steps, based on rules you define.

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Service and Support

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Feel like just another number in a call-center queue? When you call us, you speak to a real person who can help you. We work hard to support you through your implementation, and then continually once your software is up and running.


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Analyze Your Data in Real-Time

Managing your HR data in multiple systems creates inconsistencies and reporting delays. By organizing your workforce management activities in one integrated platform, all employee data is reflected accurately throughout your system, allowing you to analyze accurate workforce data in real-time.

Configure to Meet Your Unique Needs

As your organization grows and evolves, your WFM software should, too. Configure our integrated platform to meet your needs for customized reporting, changing pay rules, annual compliance reporting, and much more.

Benefits Accessibile
Make Benefits More Accessible for Your Workforce

Empower employees to access benefits information without constant HR intervention. Dynamic employee self-service tools allow employees to access benefits elections, find resources for open enrollment, and notify you about qualifying events.

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Access Your System Anytime, Anywhere

Storing your workforce data in spreadsheets or legacy systems can create data integrity and security issues. By maintaining your workforce management activities in the cloud, you keep sensitive data secure and enjoy 24/7 access from any location, whether your workforce is onsite or working remotely.

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