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Workforce Management Software Overview

All-in-one, cloud-based, and customized to support your HR functions in real-time.



Streamlined Time and Attendance Management

Manage employee time tracking, scheduling, absences, and leaves with greater efficiency.



Automate Employee Time and Attendance Tracking1
Automate Employee Time and Attendance Tracking
Give employees the ability to track time from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock to make reporting accurate and convenient. Ensure pay accuracy and predictability with user-defined rules for time and attendance.
Reduce Payroll Errors
Maintain Compliance with Leave Regulations
Automated legislative updates keep your system current with the latest federal and state leave regulations. With one-click access to information about leave eligibility and availability, you can make better decisions and minimize non-compliance risk.
Create and Manage Employee Shifts
Create and Manage Employee Shifts
Have the right employees working at the right times. Create schedules that reflect your budget and needs, and keep employee work hours aligned to your scheduling policies and overtime rules.
Track Employee Time Off
Track Employee Time Off
Get real-time access to employee time off versus accruals, return-to-work dates, unscheduled absences, and policy exceptions.

Eliminate Time and Attendance Headaches with Accurate Tracking

Regardless of your employees’ work schedules or Fair Labor Standards Act classifications, the Fuse all-in-one solution accurately tracks all employee hours and absences. Tools for reporting and forecasting also allow you to track labor costs to your budget, so you avoid surprises down the road.

Managing employee time and attendance requires having full visibility into which employees are working and when. It also requires careful tracking of dates for leaves and other absences to avoid overpayments and underpayments. The Fuse time and attendance solution takes the uncertainty out of employee scheduling and time tracking, so you can control labor costs and keep time and attendance activities fair and efficient.



Fully-Integrated Payroll Management

Meet employee expectations for accurate pay and avoid common payroll errors.



Benefits Accessibile
Empower Employees with Self-Service
Give employees direct access to their payroll information, so they don’t need to ask HR. Employees can access direct deposit info, W-4 deductions, pay statements, and W-2s, all via our app or cloud portal.
Reduce Payroll Errors
Reduce Payroll Errors
Transcribing information from hard copies or other sources is tedious and error-prone. Fuse software seamlessly channels employee time card data into payroll, so you save time and improve accuracy.
Leave the Taxes to Us
You don’t have to be a tax expert to run an accurate and compliant payroll process. Built-in tax rules and automatic reminders keep you on track, so you stay on top of critical payroll and reporting deadlines.
Set up Real-Time Pay Rules
Add employees to payroll and calculate overtime more efficiently. Pay employees according to your policies with pre-set pay rules for regular pay, overtime, and policy exceptions.
Cloud Icon
Get Anytime, Anywhere Access
Keep your employee data secure in the cloud. With 24/7 availability, you can access your workforce data, make changes, and run reports from any location.
Enjoy a Fully Scalable Solution
Your payroll system needs to evolve as your organization does. As you experience future growth, restructuring, and other changes, your integrated payroll system is there to meet your evolving needs.

Access Payroll Data in Real-Time and Improve Data-Driven Decision Making

Your payroll process is never static. That’s why it is essential to have a system that gives you full visibility into all payroll actions in real time. Get notified when employees approach overtime limits, take paid or unpaid leaves, or experience other changes in pay.


Effectively managing payroll requires reporting and analytics that allow you to see historical data and identify trends in employee pay. With access to a dynamic dashboard and the ability to create standard and custom reports, you can refine pay rules and track labor costs for future decision-making.



Automated HR Services With A Human Touch

Keep your workforce engaged with tools for managing recruitment, onboarding, benefits, and more.



Improve HR Efficiency
Improve HR Efficiency
Reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks with built-in workflows for hires, terminations, promotions, transfers, and more.
Streamline Recruitment Activities
Streamline Recruitment Activities
Automate your activities for applicant tracking and screening. Stay on top of where candidates are in the selection process, and have easy access to onboarding data when a candidate becomes an employee.
Use Data for Better Decision-Making
Use Data for Better Decision-Making
Wow your senior management with insightful workforce data analysis. Deliver real-time access to data via configurable reports, dashboards, and mobile tools.
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Store All Employee Information in One Secure Place
Say goodbye to separate tracking systems for benefits administration, performance management, and training. Keep employee data up to date and consistent across all the areas of HR.

Manage the Entire Employment Lifecycle and Get Back to What Matters Most

The ability to hire and retain the right employees is critical to your business success. Cloud-based workforce management offers an array of automated solutions to help you manage your employees—from hire to retire.

Meeting the needs of your workforce requires having time to develop new programs and initiatives to drive employee performance and engagement. When you have a reliable system for managing HR services, you can spend less time running back and forth on administrative issues and more time on solutions that improve the overall employee experience.