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"We put our values ahead of our short-term bottom line."


Recharge With Our Benefits

What's good for you is good for us. Every day we're working on finding ways to make our company better and our benefits are how we help you do better, too.

Healthcare Insurance
It's more than a necessity, it's your livelihood and we have you and your family covered with our comprehensive healthcare benefits. You're not going to believe this, but we cover your premiums and offer HSA.
Community Success
We give back as a company working with local Food Bank Donations, Women's Shelter Donations, Pet Shelter, Dolphin Research, homeless shelter, etc., and offer a paid community service day each year to every employee.
Paid Time Off
Paid Time Off
Go on, get out of here! Take that vacation we all need and be sure to share the pictures of your adventure when you get back.
Parental Leave
Growing families are so exciting and we want you to enjoy the experience. Take the time to bond and connect with your loved ones.
Work-Life Balance
Yeah, yeah. Everyone says it, but we actually DO it. We have flexible work options including remote work days because life is unpredictable.
Retirement & Wellness Perks
We live our values. We give back, are socially aware. Great work environment. Culture of cooperation. Culture of caring about employees, clients, and community. And we have FUN doing it.

We're fueled With G.R.I.T. at Fuse

fuse value-giving


Our communities need us. We're dedicated to building a strong community where our employees, partners, and customers can thrive.
fuse value - respect


Treat everyone with human dignity. The best ideas and growth opportunities come from all levels: employees, customers, partners, and our community.
fuse value - integrity


Doing the right things in the right way. From tough conversations to big celebrations, we always choose to do what is right for our employees and customers.
fuse value-trust


Sustaining a trusted partnership with clients and community. We cultivate a place where support is there for the good and bad days. We're in this together so we ride the waves as a team.

We Grow Together

Fuse team with food donations
Fuse donations
Donation groceries

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