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Gain Control & Freedom With Online Payroll

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Historically, outsourcing payroll has been a necessary evil for many companies focused on their core business and growing their bottom line, for they didn’t have the resources necessary to manage payroll responsibilities properly. Yet employers have been constantly frustrated because they’ve had to give up so much control to their payroll company.

ProPayroll’s model gives the employer complete control of their schedule. Want to save your payroll processing until Sunday evening after the kids are in bed and the household chores are done? Now you can. Tired of calling in or faxing your employees’ info on your payroll company’s strict deadlines instead of your own? Now you don’t have to! (Do people really still fax? Yes, we know they do, but they don’t have to!) ProPayroll isn’t the monster system that shoves you into their mold, nor are we the new guys on the street lacking knowledge, tools or experience. We’re right in the sweet spot and ready to serve you.

And now, processing payroll with us is lightening fast!

Plus, you get the benefits of having payroll tax accounts and compliance issues managed by us - the true industry professionals. The aggregate result for you = greater control, lower costs and trusted compliance all delivered via ProPayroll’s superior customer support.

(We’re sorry to poke too much fun at the faxers of the world. And hey, we still snail mail our holiday cards - because would you really ever print and post an ecard? We like our clients and want them to know it!)