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Businesses Switch to Online Payroll

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Businesses switch to online payroll companies for improved efficiencies, lower costs and better service.  Long gone are the days of calling in payroll, pay attention everyone, things have changed.

Payroll has evolved even though the payroll giants won’t admit it.  Imagine processing payroll from your conference in Boston at 7am before your day gets rolling.  Even better, your employees can log into a self service module and track their days off, making your job easier.

Not convinced yet?  Get this.  Remember that customer service you used to get in the old days, when they knew who you were and cared about your business?  It’s back and one company specifically is noted as the best in the industry!  ProPayroll has redefined the concept of service, offering phone support to their customers, getting immediate answers to questions and putting that service with a smile mindset back into the payroll business.

Things have changed, if you don’t believe it, give ProPayroll a call at 877-477-6729.