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ProPayroll releases KnowledgePass to all clients and their employees

ProPayroll is excited to announce that we have released KnowledgePass to all clients and their employees in ProPayroll’s Web Apps system.

KnowledgePass provides access to online, role-based educational content and support resources to get employees and managers quickly trained and using the system how you intend them to. Accessed directly from our workforce managment platform, “ProPayroll’s Web Apps” this service is a great resource for:

  • Onboarding new hires without pulling other staff from their tasks
  • Assisting with employee transitions to management roles
  • Delivering a skills refresher on a particular application or feature set
  • Staying up-to-date on product enhancements
KnowledgePass not only reduces the need to rely on outside support, but also solves employees’ issues quickly and gets them back to performing core business functions. Employees who are knowledgeable on the system are able to use it more effectively, providing a greater return on your workforce management investment.

KnowledgePass Features:

  • Easily accessible within the workforce management platform, KnowledgePass empowers your employees to select the additional training they need, right when they need it.
  • Materials from KnowledgePass come in two formats. Three-minute simulations provide quick and simple demonstrations of common tasks for effective training and skills reinforcement. Job aids provide handy, printable reference sheets with instructions for performing standard procedures to supplement employee training.

Training recent hires on using new technology can be a difficult task, one that the time of other staff. KnowledgePass is the perfect solution for quickly onboarding new employees by providing step-by-step, hands-on training for a variety of common tasks. Errors can be costly; ensure employees are trained properly from day one to avoid them.

Please contact us if you have any questions support@propayroll.com or by calling 877.477.6729.

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