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Using Paycards at Gas Stations

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Use Your Paycard at a Gas Station Efficiently

The most efficient way to use your paycard at a gas station is to Prepay or Pay Inside instead of using it to pay at the pump.  Signature transactions are always FREE transactions.

•      Prepay:  Go inside the gas station and prepay the amount you want to pay for gas.  Your paycard will be charged for that amount only.  Then pump your gas until your transaction is completed.

•      Pay Inside:  Press “Pay Inside” at the gas pump.  Pump your gas and then go inside and pay for the amount of gas pumped.  Your paycard will be charged for that amount only.

•      Pay at the Pump:  Not Recommended.  When you “pay at the pump,” up to $76.00 will be put on hold on your paycard account.  If you do not have the funds available on your paycard, your transaction will not be approved.  After you finish pumping your gas, it takes a couple of days for the transaction to be reconciled by the merchant.  After it is reconciled, if you used less than $76.00 (or the amount on hold), the amount not used will be released to your paycard account’s available balance.  (MasterCard paycard cardholders must use as a Signature or PIN purchase, not as a “pay at the pump” purchase.)

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