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DOL publishes new fact sheet for higher education employees

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How do you determine “normal” work hours for educators with irregular schedules? If someone has a serious health condition, how are rest breaks compensated? Are lump-sum payments considering “earnings”? Finally, what is the applicability of “white collar” exemptions in higher education institutions?

All these questions are answered in the Department of Labor’s (DOL) new fact sheet for higher education employees concerning overtime pay under the FLSA. The fact sheet addresses the “white collar” exemptions for employees who perform executive, administrative, professional, and outside sales duties. This includes teacher exemption, professional employee exemption, administrative employee exemption, academic administration employee exemption, and executive employee exemption. In particular, it highlights positions unique to higher education that may fall into various exemptions, including coaches, online educators, postdoctoral fellows, academic counselors, and department heads.

Additionally, the fact sheet provides opinion letters, frequently-asked-question responses, and general DOL details. Rolling out the fact sheet will provide employers with assistance and guidance for complying with the FLSA.