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Fuse Workforce Case Studies

After Problems with Paylocity, VP of HR Finds Better Product with Fuse

When Terri Millette began her work as the VP of Human Resources at Automated Collection Services, Inc., the company had just signed a contract for new payroll software. After seeing the demo, Terri said, “I wish we wouldn’t have signed that contract.” And so began her two-year journey to find a better solution for human capital management (HCM) software.

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Top-Notch Technology Helps Manufacturer Save Time & Reduce Error

James M., Administrator, Wayne Manufacturing, LLC

The Fuse system is probably the most powerful solution in the market.

With Fuse, Time and Attendance and Payroll are integrated into one solution. With a minimal local software footprint (a small monitoring application for the time clocks) we were able to integrate our existing timeclock hardware with the Fuse system. The rest of the system is web-based and very powerful.

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Nonprofit Saves Time with an Integrated HR & Payroll System

Nancy T., Administrator, Dolphin Research Center

"Processing payroll is a breeze and basically error free."

At Fuse, everyone is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and polite. They can usually take care of your questions/issues immediately, but if they are unsure, they find the correct solution and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Bank Utilizes Custom Workforce Management System to Fit Its Unique Needs

Jenny L., Asst. VP & HR Manager, Community First National Bank

"Amazingly flexible and customizable product!”

My favorite aspect of the system is that we have really been able to customize it to fit our needs.

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