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After Problems with Paylocity, VP of HR Finds Better Product with Fuse

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When Terri Millette began her work as the VP of Human Resources at Automated Collection Services, Inc., the company had just signed a contract for new payroll software. After seeing the demo, Terri said, “I wish we wouldn’t have signed that contract.” And so began her two-year journey to find a better solution for human capital management (HCM) software.

Terri is no stranger to HR and payroll. She has experience working with Paychex and as an HR consultant. She heads up a team of HR and payroll professionals that work to meet company objectives through effective HR and accounting processes.

Problems with Paylocity

In October of 2015, ACSI began using Paylocity. In the onboarding stage, Terri began facing issues.

“We had no assistance with onboarding. When we would ask for help, they pointed us to an instructions worksheet,” Terri recalls of her experience. The so-called onboarding process consisted of a weekly check-in phone call. Terri says the calls served more to check in on the tasks her team completed rather than to offer training or support. That meant she spent a lot of time trying to learn how to use the system on her own.

“You never got someone on the phone right away. It took at least a day. We were always hearing, ‘You can’t do this’ or ‘you can’t do that.’” Any time Terri or her team had a question, they had to submit a ticket via email to the Paylocity support team. “They didn’t always have answers or weren’t willing to help,” Terri says.

In the two years ACSI had an account with Paylocity, they had five different account reps and two different managers. The lack of consistency only increased the difficulty of working with the software.

The last straw came for Terri when she tried asking for help from Paylocity support about an ongoing issue. In response, the support person told her, “We’re not customer service, we’re software support. That’s all we are.”

“Okay, then,” Terri thought. “It’s time to get customer service. It’s time for something better.”

Finding a better system

Throughout her time as a Paylocity customer, Terri did extensive research for new HCM software. In her research, Terri came across a lot of other HR and payroll software services.

“I looked at all the other systems, Paycom, Paycor. And it’s all the same thing we already had. It's clunky.“

But when Terri found Fuse Workforce Management, she knew something was different. She finally found what she had been looking for.

Customer Service

To aid in her research, Terri used business solutions review platforms like G2Crowd. She was amazed to find a company that “blew everyone else out of the water” on customer service ratings.

“It’s hard to believe Fuse support is that good, honestly,” Terri says. “The people at Fuse, they are amazing—Danielle, Becky, Greg, and John. They are helpful and encouraging.”

Even when Terri and her team had completed the onboarding process with Fuse, she was delighted to find they continued to call her and check in to be sure her team got the best use out of the software.

“We’ve been on the phone with [Fuse] and they’re fixing an issue right then while we’re talking to them. It’s so not what we’re used to! We’re used to waiting two to three weeks with Paylocity, and Fuse is fixing issues in under ten seconds.”

Single System

The HR team at ACSI had dealt with multiple services and integrations and needed something that kept all things HR and payroll in one place. The Fuse platform unites core HR, time and attendance, payroll, and benefits management into a complete HCM system. This allowed Terri to spend less time jumping between systems to view data like an employee’s time sheet. Instead of spending so much time managing multiple systems, Terri and her team can devote more time empowering their employees.


With Fuse, Terri was able to customize the system for her organization’s reporting needs and set up employee self-service and views by employee role. With these customization capabilities, each administrator, manager, supervisor, team lead, and employee can set up the system the way that best serves their individual needs and objectives within the platform.

Streamlined Process

Finding a time-saving program was another big priority for Terri and her team. She wanted something less time consuming than the previous platforms she’d experienced.

“Fuse makes everything that much faster...We’re saving at least 5-10 hours a week with Fuse. A verification of employment can take less than a minute compared to the five to six minutes for each employee using Paylocity.” When you consider ACSI has over 150 employees, that’s a lot of time saved.

HR isn’t the only department saving time with Fuse. “Our managers never put schedules in the old system because it was too much of a pain. Now they’re seeing how much easier it is and they’re actually excited about doing it. They want to use that feature and track attendance better!”

Terri’s only regret with Fuse is that she didn’t find the company sooner. Her advice to any HR or accounting professional searching for HCM software: “Don’t use anything else. I looked for two years—I met with every payroll company I could find, and there is nothing out there like Fuse.”

Our all-in-one, cloud-based solution is flexible, simple, and affordable. If you’re ready to ditch your clunky system and use an HCM system that can save you time and resources while providing superior customer support, speak with us today.

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