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One Comprehensive Platform, With
No Hidden Costs and Award-Winning Customer Service

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Improve productivity, control labor costs, and minimize compliance risk with one unified database packaged neatly in an entire suite of integrated tools. 

Time and Attendance

Increase visibility for employees and maximize efficiency for measurable bottom-line results. Easily manage employee absences, accruals, and work schedules with accuracy and compliance.

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Payroll Software

Gain complete control of your payroll every step of the way with our all-in-one, integrated system. Automate management with real-time calculations, paycheck analysis, and tax table updates.

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HR & Workforce Analytics

From hire to retire, manage the entire employment lifecycle with a comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that reduce administrative tasks and streamline applicant tracking, screening, onboarding, and performance.

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