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Eliminate Time and Attendance Headaches

Regardless of your employees’ work schedules or Fair Labor Standards Act classifications, the Fuse all-in-one solution accurately tracks all employee hours and absences. Tools for reporting and forecasting also allow you to track labor costs to your budget, so you avoid surprises down the road.

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Streamlined Time and Attendance Management

Manage employee time tracking, scheduling, absences, and leaves with greater efficiency.



Automate Employee Time and Attendance Tracking1
Automate Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Give employees the ability to track time from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock to make reporting accurate and convenient. Ensure pay accuracy and predictability with user-defined rules for time and attendance.

Create and Manage Employee Shifts
Create and Manage Employee Shifts

Have the right employees working at the right times. Create schedules that reflect your budget and needs, and keep employee work hours aligned to your scheduling policies and overtime rules.

Track Employee Time Off
Track Employee Time Off

Get real-time access to employee time off versus accruals, return-to-work dates, unscheduled absences, and policy exceptions.

Maintain Compliance with Leave Regulations
Maintain Compliance with Leave Regulations

Automated legislative updates keep your system current with the latest federal and state leave regulations. With one-click access to information about leave eligibility and availability, you can make better decisions and minimize non-compliance risk.

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Build More Accuracy into Time and Attendance Tracking

Managing employee time and attendance requires having full visibility into which employees are working and when. It also requires careful tracking of dates for leaves and other absences to avoid overpayments and underpayments. The Fuse time and attendance solution takes the uncertainty out of employee scheduling and time tracking, so you can control labor costs and keep time and attendance activities fair and efficient.

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Time and Attendance FAQs

What is a time and attendance system?  

A time and attendance system is a workforce management tool that enables organizations to track employee working hours. The system can track regular hours, overtime, and employee absences such as sick days, vacation days, leaves, and unpaid absences. In an ideal scenario, a time and attendance system is integrated with payroll so the number of hours employees work translates directly to their paychecks.


How do I track time and attendance?  

How you track time and attendance varies depending on employee classification. For employees who are paid a salary that remains unchanged regardless of their hours each week (i.e., FLSA "exempt" employees), you may likely only track attendance, including sick days, vacation days, and leaves.

For employees who are paid hourly and also eligible for overtime (i.e., FLSA "non-exempt" employees), you must track the number of hours they work each week in addition to their attendance. Using the scheduling and time-tracking features in a time and attendance system, you can track hours worked, overtime, and time off for all employees without paper processes or manual calculations.


Who uses time and attendance software?  

Organizations of any size or industry use time and attendance software. Regardless of how many employees an organization has, this software makes tracking and reporting employee time and attendance more efficient and accurate. It can also help you stay in compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) wage and hour requirements and avoid various payroll issues, such as failing to pay overtime to eligible employees who work over 40 hours per week.


What are some potential issues with time and attendance software?  

Not all time and attendance systems are created equal. If the software is a stand-alone system and not integrated with payroll, you will still need to perform manual calculations. Additionally, if the time and attendance software is a legacy or desktop program, it won't automatically update with HR regulatory compliance requirements, potentially resulting in your HR practices falling out of compliance over time. Conversely, with a cloud-based time and attendance system that is fully integrated with payroll and other HR processes, you can avoid manual payroll calculations and receive seamless updates that allow you to stay in compliance.