The Fuse HR Platform keeps your HR and payroll systems in one place

Managing your employees takes most of your time. Fighting software integrations shouldn’t. The Fuse Workforce Management HR Platform lets you focus on the important things in your company by integrating all of your important Human Resources and Payroll functions into one system.

Unlike software that has to be kept up-to-date, the Fuse Workforce Management Platform is cloud-based, which means you’re always running the latest version.

By integrating human resources functions with payroll and time & attendance, we make it possible for you to manage everything entirely from one system. From applicant management to onboarding, to benefit management, to exit interviews, you can handle all your HR functions without having to switch between systems.

The Fuse HR Platform is also extensible with its API. If you have specialized reporting or integration needs, the platform can be customized for what you need to accomplish.


"Previous to Fuse, our payroll and time & attendance platforms were separate, meaning someone had to get the data from time & attendance to payroll every week in order to process paychecks. This usually meant hours of keying of numbers. With the integrated solution Fuse provides, we no longer have this time sink every week."

— James M., Accounting Manager, Wayne Manufacturing LLC

“Your company has really proven itself and amazingly enough stayed true to your word, unlike other payroll companies we have worked with in the past.”

— April S., Owner, La Cantina