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All-In-One Workforce Management Software

To stay productive and competitive as a company, you need to make the most of every available resource. That includes your most valuable asset: your workforce. 

But using an ad hoc system of disparate systems and manual processes (as many HR managers do) leaves you strapped for time and bogged down with paperwork. Even after all that effort, you may still find yourself with very limited visibility into employee data. This prevents you from doing your most important work: supporting and developing a productive workforce.

Sound familiar? It’s time to switch to a unified solution that provides real-time, accurate workforce data so you can make informed decisions and drive results.

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With the Fuse Workforce Management Software suite, you get all the high-quality information you need to manage your workforce from hire to retire in one place — no more shuffling between several systems.


A subscription delivery model means you never need to worry about updating software, investing in the next upgrade, or losing valuable data. 

No hidden costs

Predictable per-employee, per-month fees mean you pay only for what you use. You’ll get access to a fully-comprehensive suite of tools — no “nickel-and-diming” to get everything you need.

Real-time visibility

With up-to-the-minute information and an easy-to-use mobile app, you can make informed decisions — from anywhere, at any time — for more effective workforce management.

An entire suite of tools with one unified database makes it easier than ever to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. 

Here are some of the tools included in our all-in-one product platform: 

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Time and attendance

Increased efficiency for measurable bottom-line results

With Fuse Workforce’s time and attendance software, you can:

  • Track and understand true labor costs by enforcing flexible, user-defined pay rules.
  • Maintain compliance and improve payroll accuracy with simplified timecard management.
  • Avoid payroll errors by managing exceptions — including missed punches and early/late arrivals — in real time. 
  • Assign daily, weekly, or configurable patterns to schedules. 
  • View employee preferences and make adjustments on the fly. 
  • Track scheduled hours versus worked hours, as well as projected hours.  
  • Give employees access from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock to make reporting accurate and convenient.

All together, the time and attendance function of Fuse Workforce’s platform allows employers to budget labor costs, forecast overtime, and keep costs within expectations.

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Accrual and absence management

Keep it fair and consistent for ongoing compliance

Employee absences — whether planned or unplanned — can have a big impact on your productivity. With our software, you can control and mitigate the effects of absenteeism before they impact your whole workforce:

  • Track eligibility based on tenure, hours worked, vacation, sick time, and other user-defined criteria.
  • Prevent unauthorized time off and late returns with built-in notifications.
  • Automatically calculate accrual balances so managers have immediate visibility into current status.

Automated legislative updates keep your system current with the latest federal and state leave regulations. With one click access to leave eligibility and availability information, you can make better decisions and minimize compliance risk.

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Cloud-based HR services

Manage the entire employment lifecycle 

The ability to hire and retain the right employees is critical to your business success. Our HR module is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that addresses the complete employment lifecycle — from hire to retire. 

With our integrated, cloud-based system, you can: 

  • Reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks, with built-in workflows for new hire, termination, rehire, promotions, transfers, and more. 
  • Store and track all employee data in one location.
  • Streamline applicant tracking, screening, selection, and onboarding. 
  • Simplify benefit plan setup, open enrollment, and life event changes. 
  • Automate the performance review process for timely, thorough evaluations. 
  • Let employees view and update HR information via role-based self-service.
  • Deliver real-time data access via configurable reports, dashboards, and mobile tools.

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Quickly and easily schedule the right employees for the right shifts

Creating schedules is a major source of frustration for managers in any industry. It’s time-consuming and fraught with opportunities to make mistakes. Trying to manage it all using spreadsheets can mean overstaffing some shifts, understaffing others, and frustrating employees and supervisors. 

With the scheduling application in Fuse’s all-in-one workforce management suite: 

  • Easily and accurately create schedules that reflect your budget and needs. 
  • Enforce scheduling policies consistently to avoid fines, litigation, and employee frustration. 
  • Simplify the process of creating a schedule so managers can focus on business strategy. 
  • Schedule the right employees in the right shifts — easily, accurately, and automatically.

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Deliver the perfect paycheck every time

The Fuse Workforce Management payroll module puts you in complete control of your payroll every step of the way, so you can complete payroll accurately every time.

How does our solution drive payroll accuracy?

  • Continuous payroll processing means payroll reports are available whenever you need to see them.
  • Real-time calculations let you know exactly what your people are doing and how much you’re paying them to do it.
  • Versatile pay rules engine make it easier than ever to determine pay for regular or overtime hours.
  • Notifications and alerts that flag issues help you stay aware of employee scheduling conflicts or workloads so you can avoid paying too much overtime.
  • Automated tax table updates help you effortlessly meet your state and local tax requirements and ensure the accuracy of employee withholdings.
  • Paycheck analysis report helps you verify that your information is correct before submitting payroll for check processing.
  • Easily outsource tax filing, garnishment processing, and check printing.

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ACA module

Minimize your company’s noncompliance risk with less stress

With Fuse’s integrated workforce management solution, you can simplify your company’s compliance with the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

Complete automation means you’re not juggling numerous reports to get the data you need. High-quality information helps you drive cost-effective labor decisions. With the ACA module on the Fuse Workforce Management platform, you can be confident that your organization has minimized the risk of ACA noncompliance.

Get accurate visibility

Access both real-time and historical data on ACA status measurements for your company, as well as for individual employees. Management dashboards provide consolidated views of regular- and variable-hour labor pools and give HR managers the ability to drill down into views for each employee. View any employee’s current status or historical status by month with the ACA timeline view.

Automate benefits eligibility notification and employee enrollment

Compliance alerts notify managers when an employee’s status changes to full-time or part-time, when an employee is approaching eligibility, and when an employee has scheduled hours that would put them over the eligibility limit. Alerts can also be sent to employees to notify them that they are eligible for benefits. Additional rules can help you enforce schedules and maintain your preferred full-time/part-time employee mix.

Simplify ACA compliance processes for employers to help avoid steep penalties

The ACA compliance module is the only solution that is delivered on the power of a single platform for HR/benefits administration, time and attendance, and payroll. With a single record for each employee, you can streamline and automate the benefits enrollment process as employees reach eligibility. Our solution minimizes the stress of complex processes and the risks associated with noncompliance.

header marketplace


Extend the functionality of your workforce management solution

Similar to a mobile app store, the Marketplace is your one-stop shop for applications and services — including compensation reports, background checks, employment eligibility verification, and more — that extend the power and functionality of the system to help you achieve even more effective workforce management.

The Marketplace is designed for convenience and ease of use. There’s no need to download software, deal with configuration and integration, or execute sales contracts. Simply browse through the Marketplace, add solutions to your account, and activate them directly from within the application. It’s a fast, simple, and hassle-free way to extend your workforce management capabilities.

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"Previous to Fuse, our payroll and time & attendance platforms were separate, meaning someone had to get the data from time & attendance to payroll every week in order to process paychecks. This usually meant hours of keying of numbers. With the integrated solution Fuse provides, we no longer have this time sink every week."

— James M., Accounting Manager, Wayne Manufacturing LLC

“Your company has really proven itself and amazingly enough stayed true to your word, unlike other payroll companies we have worked with in the past.”

— April S., Owner, La Cantina