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All-in-One Cloud-Based Human Resources Management Software

Online HR System Products Made Simple.

In today’s challenging business environment, you need to get the most from every available resource, including your employees, to stay competitive and fuel growth. After all, the workforce is your most valuable — and likely your most expensive — asset. But disparate systems, manual or semiautomated processes, and limited visibility into employee data can stand in the way of workforce optimization. That’s why you need an integrated solution on a single database that provides real-time access to consistent, accurate workforce information to help you make informed decisions and drive bottom-line results. 

One database. One user experience. One employee record.

Our workforce management suite provides the complete automation and high-quality information you need to manage your workforce — from hire to retire — using a unified workforce management platform with a common user interface, database, and workflows. It provides the single-source, real-time data access you need — across time and attendance, HR, payroll, and more — to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. 

Our flexible, cloud-based solution is simple to use and easy to afford. Modules can be leveraged individually or as a complete, integrated workforce management suite. Predictable per-employee, per-month fees mean you pay only for what you use. Our software as a service (SaaS) delivery model eliminates worries about installing or maintaining software, staying up to date with legislative changes, or investing in the next upgrade. Our service allows you to focus on what you do best: growing your business. 

A single, integrated platform: Get enterprise-class power — simplified — with a seamless workforce management suite that shares a common user interface, database, and workflows

A flexible, modular solution: Mix and match modules to suit your current and future business needs. Buy what you require today and then add more when you’re ready.

Real-time visibility: Get the up-to-the-minute data you need to make informed workforce decisions and head off costly problems — before they impact your bottom line 

Easy mobile access: Take advantage of the mobile app to drive better decision making — from anywhere, at any time — for more effective workforce management

Cloud-based delivery: Reduce your IT burden by letting Fuse Workforce Management manage your solution in the cloud for optimal flexibility, scalability, and affordability.

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“Your company has really proven itself and amazingly enough stayed true to your word, unlike other payroll companies we have worked with in the past.”

— April S., Owner, La Cantina

"I did an in-depth analysis of other competitors and was amazed at how high ProPayroll ranked above the others. As a previous computer programmer, I was very meticulous in the software and report writing flexibility and was very satisfied with its performance."

— Maggie K., Administrator, Living Water Fellowship