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Tired of manual processes and disconnected systems?

Accurate employee payroll relies on integration with other areas of workforce management, especially onboarding, time and attendance, and benefits. With an all-in-one, integrated payroll system, you can avoid manual double-entry across systems. As a result, you also achieve greater consistency and accuracy in your workforce data.

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Fully-Integrated Payroll Management

Meet employee expectations for accurate pay and avoid common payroll errors.


Empower Employees with Self-Service
Empower Employees with Self-Service

Give employees direct access to their payroll information, so they don’t need to ask HR. Employees can access direct deposit info, W-4 deductions, pay statements, and W-2s, all via our app or cloud portal.

Reduce Payroll Errors
Reduce Payroll Errors

Transcribing information from hard copies or other sources is tedious and error-prone. Fuse software seamlessly channels employee time card data into payroll, so you save time and improve accuracy.

 Leave the Taxes to Us
Leave the Taxes to Us

You don’t have to be a tax expert to run an accurate and compliant payroll process. Built-in tax rules and automatic reminders keep you on track, so you stay on top of critical payroll and reporting deadlines.

Set up Real-Time Pay Rules

Add employees to payroll and calculate overtime more efficiently. Pay employees according to your policies with pre-set pay rules for regular pay, overtime, and policy exceptions.

 Get Anytime, Anywhere Access
Get Anytime, Anywhere Access

Keep your employee data secure in the cloud. With 24/7 availability, you can access your workforce data, make changes, and run reports from any location.

 Enjoy a Fully Scalable Solution
Enjoy a Fully Scalable Solution

Your payroll system needs to evolve as your organization does. As you experience future growth, restructuring, and other changes, your integrated payroll system is there to meet your evolving needs.

Fuse Payroll Platform-real time data

Access Payroll Data in Real-Time

Your payroll process is never static. That’s why it is essential to have a system that gives you full visibility into all payroll actions in real time. Get notified when employees approach overtime limits, take paid or unpaid leaves, or experience other changes in pay.

Fuse Payroll Platform-data driven decisions

Improve Data-Driven Decision Making

Effectively managing payroll requires reporting and analytics that allow you to see historical data and identify trends in employee pay. With access to a dynamic dashboard and the ability to create standard and custom reports, you can refine pay rules and track labor costs for future decision-making.

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Payroll Software FAQs

What is the best software for payroll? 

The best payroll software automates payroll processes, calculates wages, and eliminates many processes that result in costly errors. When you want to pay employees accurately and on time, you need to use payroll software that delivers the following support and functionality:

  • Employee self-service for forms and payroll history
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Integration with benefits and time and attendance processes 
  • Tools for year-round reporting

What does payroll software do? 

Payroll software automates payroll functions and makes your organization less reliant on manual and paper-based processes. It can calculate payroll based on real-time pay rules for regular pay, overtime, and policy exceptions. As a result, you can avoid performing calculations each time you need to run payroll. Payroll software can also store all current and historical payroll data, making it easy to run reports and collect the information you need for annual compliance reporting.

What are the best payroll solutions? 

There are many available payroll solutions, so it can be difficult to find the one that works best for your organization. To avoid investing in a solution that doesn't meet your needs or is too cumbersome to use efficiently, look for a flexible payroll solution that scales with your organization's growth and improves your ability to run payroll. It should also be cloud-based and accessible from anywhere. And, in addition to running all of your core payroll processes, your payroll solution should also provide reporting and insights to help you make better payroll management decisions for your workforce.

What is the easiest payroll software to use? 

Ease of use is a critical element of any payroll solution, as users range from HR managers to employees. Although the easiest payroll software is one that meets your needs and preferences, some of the characteristics you should expect include:

  • Standard and custom reporting capabilities.
  • Built-in rules and reminders regarding compliance with labor and tax laws.
  • Integration capabilities with other areas of HR, such as benefits, scheduling, and time and attendance.
  • Intuitive functionality for running payroll cycles.

What size organizations use payroll software? 

Organizations of every size can use payroll software to cut down on manual calculations and automate their payroll workflows. Instead of managing employee pay and tax calculations with spreadsheets, they can use payroll software to consolidate payroll data and improve accuracy in payroll operations.

Can I do payroll without software? 

Although it is possible to conduct payroll without software, it is not advisable. Trying to pay employees with paper, spreadsheets, or a manual calculator wastes time and increases the chance of errors. Moreover, if you need to access historical information or investigate an error, the lack of consolidated reporting can result in having payroll eat up even more time during the week. In the meantime, employees may become frustrated, giving the payroll a reputation for being inefficient and unreliable.

How much does payroll software cost? 

The cost of payroll software depends on many factors, including the complexity of your organization, your needs for customization, and the provider you choose. However, price should not be the only factor you consider when choosing software. Keep in mind the benefits you can achieve by using payroll software, such as spending less time on manual tasks and giving employees the tools needed to access payroll data and forms.