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Tailor your HR essentials with a unified platform, designed for your long-term success.

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Our all-in-one, cloud-based solution is flexible, intuitive, and affordable. So you can get back to empowering your employees.

Manage the entire employee lifecycle with everything you need in one HR solution, at one price no nickel and diming from us. Modules can be tailored to your needs or packaged as a complete, integrated workforce management suite. With customer-first support and frictionless tools, you can confidently drive business outcomes and manage the modern workforce.

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For our company to really get ahead and be able to set ourselves apart, we needed to be able to efficiently gather and use payroll data effectively. Really being able to drill down and use those metrics to drive our business. Fuse has the reporting tools to allow you to do just that. From exporting options, to being able to automate reports, it has what you need.

— Aaron P.

The feature set of this product is extensive and comprehensive. Although the conversion from our former tool was challenging, the adoption of this tool by our whole team went extremely smooth and although we required new processes for everyone throughout the company, many of the users expressed the simplicity and intuitiveness of the system.

— Roger L., Controller