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Manage the Entire Employment Lifecycle

The ability to hire and retain the right employees is critical to your business success. Cloud-based workforce management offers an array of automated solutions to help you manage your employees—from hire to retire.

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Automated HR Services With A Human Touch

Keep your workforce engaged with tools for managing recruitment, onboarding, benefits, and more.


Improve HR Efficiency
Improve HR Efficiency

Reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks with built-in workflows for hires, terminations, promotions, transfers, and more.

Streamline Recruitment Activities
Streamline Recruitment Activities

Automate your activities for applicant tracking and screening. Stay on top of where candidates are in the selection process, and have easy access to onboarding data when a candidate becomes an employee.

Use Data for Better Decision-Making
Use Data for Better Decision-Making

Wow your senior management with insightful workforce data analysis. Deliver real-time access to data via configurable reports, dashboards, and mobile tools.

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Store All Employee Information in One Secure Place

Say goodbye to separate tracking systems for benefits administration, performance management, and training. Keep employee data up to date and consistent across all the areas of HR.

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Get Back to What Matters Most

Meeting the needs of your workforce requires having time to develop new programs and initiatives to drive employee performance and engagement. When you have a reliable system for managing HR services, you can spend less time running back and forth on administrative issues and more time on solutions that improve the overall employee experience.

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