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FLSA Resources to Keep Your Business Running


The rules are changing, and now more than ever, Human Resources needs to define workers and classify employees the right way to avoid major penalties from the IRS and Department of Labor. 

FLSA exempt status or nonexempt? While it may seem some aspects of government can take years to change, others are changing all the time. How do you keep up? How do you stay on top of compliance and regulations and legislation—all while keeping your business operating? It's not easy.

That's why we provide educational resources to help employers and HR managers keep their organizations compliant. By offering assistance with compliance management, we help you spend less time searching for a solution and more time focused on your employees and your bottom line. 

Use these FLSA resources to help keep your organization compliant:


Guide to FLSA Status & Changes to Overtime Rules [Ebook]

3 Steps to Classify Employees [Worksheet]

FLSA articles from the Fuse Blog

 FLSA Consultation for Your Organization



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