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Packaging Company Improves ACA Compliance Management with This Tool

ACA icon2 min read

Kathy W., Administrator, Primary Packaging


"Fuse has stayed on top of the ACA reporting requirements."

No matter what time of day I call, the staff always has a smile and very pleasant to deal with, plus they are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. The program is very user-friendly and offers very detailed reports for any aspect of the payroll and time reporting process.

The web-based software gives you current data and the look-back period is very useful. Having reports available online vs. having paper trails is best for our environment.

We didn't have the best time-keeping records and Fuse has helped us make big improvements in our accuracy. We are able to process payroll without errors. The only issue we have is employees that forget to clock in/out.

Fuse has stayed on top of the ACA reporting requirements & has provided us with the required data for tracking our employees' benefits.