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Aviation Company Finds Solution to Manage Multiple Payroll Scenarios

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Elizabeth J., Administrator, Three Wing Aviation Group, LLC


"What I like best about Fuse honestly is the exceptional customer service I receive every time I call. The software is very powerful and as a new user, I had many questions. I never felt uncomfortable calling for help.

I have learned so much from these interactions and I actually enjoy doing the company payroll.

I know that no matter what issue may arise, someone at Fuse will be there to assist me and guide me.

Prior to Fuse, my current company had to manually calculate and cut weekly paychecks. With Fuse, we are on a bi-weekly pay period with direct deposit abilities.

There are many scenarios occurring with each pay period and I was able, with the help of the knowledgeable Fuse reps to identify and address each scenario. These scenarios ranged from an employee being paid two separate wages, calculating bonuses or paying off loans outside of the company.

About a year ago, I was tasked by new owners to research other payroll companies to find the best price and fit. I did just that. I contacted several other companies and I could not match the customer service. Many companies have great software. Most payroll software gets the job done. Not all of them have a staff who will work with you.
I recently had an issue where the payroll was not submitted. Fuse reps tried to contact me but I had stopped working for the day. I just happened to check my email at the end of the day and quickly called Fuse. I luckily got a rep who was leaving for the day. Instead of saying we will take care of this tomorrow, which would really have caused me a huge problem, that rep stayed late and submitted my payroll.
That is priceless!!!"
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