Using an Internal Mail Account for Emails

Using an internal mail account for emails being sent from the system will prevent them from going to spam folders. This article will go over what mail accounts are and how to set them up.


Using a Mail Account for your emails will allow the system to log in to your internal email server and use the same "Envelope From" email as the "From" email. Because the envelope and reply to emails will now match their domain, this should prevent both internal and external emails from ending up in someone's spam folder.

It is important to note that because the Mail Account is logging in to your internal server, this "user" set up to log in must have access to all "From" emails being used. For example, if you wish to use as the reply to email address on your communications, your mail account must have access to send emails from Those emails will not be sent if you attempt to send any email from an address this "user" doesn't have access to.

If you have concerns about updating your from email addresses in every workflow and notification, you may want to consider setting up Mail Signatures as an alternative option.

Please view this knowledgebase article for more information about why emails are sent to spam or the other options available.

Build Mail Account Profile

The user building Mail Accounts must have the following access in their Fuse security profile:

  • Access to Company Configuration
  • Access to Mail Server Accounts

Go to Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup > Company Info Tab in the system. You will see the Mail Account option here:

Clicking on the Mail Account link will bring you to the area to add/edit/review your mail accounts. Once your Mail Account is built, you will apply it by selecting it in this drop-down.

Using the Mail Account Profile

Once your Mail Account is built and applied to your company, all emails moving forward will go through your internal mail server. Please make sure to send a test email to ensure it is received.

If a user receives an email in their Mailbox (under their to-do bell) but does not receive the email in their email inbox, this would be because of one of the following reasons:

  • The Mail Account is not set appropriately
  • The Mail Account "user" does not have appropriate access to the "From" emails used in the notification. For example, if the system notification is sent from, but the "user" inside the Mail Account cannot send emails from, it will not be sent. All "From" email addresses in the system, inside all global notifications, broadcast messaging, and workflows, may need to be updated to ensure the From email addresses are correct.

Please review this knowledgebase article for instructions on updating email addresses in notifications.