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HAve the RIght tools for ACA Compliance Management?

ACA compliance can be one of HR's biggest challenges. 

It's vital for your company to properly manage, track, monitor, and report on Affordable Care Act compliance.

Fortunately, Fuse Workforce Managements’s ACA Compliance Module offers companies a way to execute and proactively manage ACA compliance across the full workforce and minimize the risk of facing major financial penalties.

If your company is looking for the right tools to properly manage ACA compliance, complete the form for a complimentary consultation. 

In this consultation, we will discuss the tools and capabilities your company needs for ACA compliance management, including:

  • Employer health insurance requirements
  • Time and attendance tracking systems
  • Important IRS forms: 1094-c and 1095-c
  • Benefits eligibility monitoring and alerts
  • Employee classifications
  • Coverage tracking and reporting

Get the tools you need to report on ACA compliance and reduce your risk of penalties.

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