Why is Code 1H being used on Line 14 of Form 1095-C?

The form 1095-C for my employee shows Code 1H which means that they were not offered medical coverage, but this is wrong. There are multiple things that could cause this within the Fuse ACA Manager.

  1. The employee is missing a Benefits Profile assignment
    1. This tells the system what plans they were offered
  2. Benefit Profile assigned to an employee with wrong Effective Date(s)
    1. This tells the system when the plans were offered to the EE’s
  3. Benefit Plan(s) missing from the Benefit Profile or sequenced incorrectly in the Benefit Profile
    1. If plans for reporting year are not included in the Benefit Profile, the system can’t determine which plans were offered
    2. Plans must be sequenced with the most recent on the bottom of each Group
  4. Benefit Plan has wrong ACA Settings
    1. Benefit Plan does not have correct “Min Essential Coverage” and “Providing Minimum Value” settings set-up