How do we update our company email domain for all employees?

Using an import template to update the email addresses of selected or all employees at once.

Please see the attached template ( Email Change Template ). You'll need to fill in the Employee's Username, Employee's ID, and Primary Email. If you want to update their Secondary Email, you can also do that on this template. If your company is a multi-EIN, please also include each employee’s FEIN on the template.


The best way to complete this would be to export a report from the system that includes the EE's Username, ID, and current Primary Email so you can just copy and paste it in the template, then make the necessary edits to the email address using "Find and Replace" in Excel.


To export a report from Fuse with the EE's info:

  • My Employees > Employee Information
  • Use Select Columns to bring in the Email Address columns
  • Click Select columns to show the columns have been added to your report
  • Export to Excel


To complete the template:

  • Copy the Username from the exported report and paste in the Username column of the Excel template
  • Copy the Employee ID from the exported report and paste in the Employee ID column of the Excel template
  • Copy the Primary Email from the exported report and paste in the Primary Email column of the Excel template
  • Use Excel's "Find and Replace" function to replace "@olddmain" with "@newdomain”
  • Save the file in .xls format


To import into Fuse:

  • Company Settings > Imports > Employee Setup > Employees
  • Choose your save template
  • Click Test (This tests the file to verify there aren't any errors)
  • If no errors pop-up, click Import File
  • Go into an employee's profile whose email you changed and verify their primary email is updated