How to Setup and Use the Announcement/Pop-Up Communicator Feature

How to Setup and Use the Pop-Up Communicator Feature? How does the Pop-Up Communicator Function Work?

The Announcement/Pop-Up Communicator feature in the Admin Account provides the ability to send out system-wide messages to users. This feature only works with users accessing the web site and not the mobile application currently.

• To set this feature up you would first need to navigate to Company Settings > Our Company > Announcements
• After clicking on the Add New icon in the top right of the screen, you will find the Announcement Configuration screen to build out the announcement.
• Below provides additional definitions of each of the Announcement Fields

1. Headline = Title Line Message to Display at the Top of the Pop-Up.
2. Body = Message to Display below the Headline.
3. Active = The ability for this Announcement to be active to use along with the dates that this Announcement is active for.
4. Count Down = Provides a countdown display to a specific date, time, displaying in an interval of Days, Hours, or Minutes.
5. Add To Dashboard Heading As = Information, in order to have it display at the top of the dashboard
6. Show Pop Up On Login = check this to have it pop up as an informational box when user’s login.