Frustrated with your HR and payroll systems?You're not the only one.

When Terri Millette began her work as the VP of Human Resources at Automated Collection Services, Inc., the company had just signed a contract with Paylocity. After two years of frustration, she found Fuse and made the switch. 

With Fuse, you'll get:

Talent-acquisition.pngA better onboarding experience

On her experience with Paylocity, Terri recalls, "We had no assistance with onboarding. When we would ask for help, they pointed us to an instructions worksheet."

With Fuse, however, even after a comprehensive onboarding experience, she was delighted to find that they continued to call her and check in to be sure her team got the best use out of the software.

Leave-and-absence-management.pngTime savings

Even basic HR processes took a long time with Paylocity, but Terri has seen significant time savings with Fuse.  “We’re saving at least 5-10 hours a week with Fuse. A verification of employment can take less than a minute, compared to the five to six minutes for each employee using Paylocity.”

Talent-Management.pngBetter customer support

The last straw with Paylocity came for Terri when she tried asking for help about an ongoing issue. In response, the support person told her, “We’re not customer service, we’re software support. That’s all we are.” 

Meanwhile, "We’ve been on the phone with [Fuse] and they’re fixing an issue right then while we’re talking to them. It’s so not what we’re used to! We were used to waiting two to three weeks with Paylocity, and Fuse is fixing issues in under ten seconds.”


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