Wyoming Tax Registration

Helpful links to register for Wyoming unemployment and workers' compensation

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (Unemployment & Workers' Comp)

  1. Both unemployment and workers' compensation are registered using one application with Wyoming. With this one application, you will receive separate codes and rates for your company.
  2. Go to https://wyui.wyo.gov/benefits/home.do
  3. Click on Register New Business with DWS
  4. Complete the registration. If you have any questions, please reach out to the agency directly at 307-473-3789
  5. Once Wyoming has processed your registration, Fuse will need:
    1. Your unemployment account ID
    2. Your unemployment rate
    3. Your workers' compensation account ID
    4. Your workers' compensation codes & rates
      1. These WC codes must also be appropriately assigned to your WY employees in the Fuse system. 
      2. Please reach out to support@fuseworkforce.com if you need assistance making these assignments
  6. Please submit all of the above items to support@fuseworkforce.com