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Wire Drawdown 1st Time Payroll/Bank Changes

What to expect when processing payroll for the 1st time using wire drawdown/reverse wires requests

Best Practices

It is important to know your payroll processing timeline and proper funding methods to ensure your employees and payroll taxes are funded timely. Please review the Processing Timelines and contact support@fuseworkforce.com if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Before the payroll is processed/finalized, please confirm with your bank representative that everything is set up on their end. Some banks have their own internal paperwork you need to complete to allow wire draw-down requests.
  • Your payroll needs to be processed at least 2-business days (by 3:30 EST) before your check date to allow the reverse wire window to occur.
  • The wire draw-down request is sent to your bank the business day before your check date.

Your Responsibilities

  • Please always be ready to send a manual wire when using a new wire draw-down setup. 
  • The business day before your check date, please monitor your bank account to confirm that the transaction is released by the bank.

  • The transactions should clear by 1 pm EST. If you do not see this on your bank transactions, please contact your bank for additional assistance. You may need to send a manual wire at this time.

  • If we are notified of a request rejection, we will notify you to send a manual wire.