Why are the Personal Goals for an employee not showing in their Performance Review?

Personal Goals must be enabled within the applicable Performance Review Profile. If enabled there are multiple ways in which those Goals can be added to a specific Review, but there are only 2 reasons why Personal Goals will not show in a Review.

  1. The Personal Goals were not added to the current Review
    1. Depending on your company settings, Personal Goals can be added by either Manager or Employees to a Performance Review, and most of the time they can be added even after the Review has been initiated
    2. Personal Goals can be added either manually, one at a time or they can be imported into the Review from the Performance Development Goals that are created and maintained separately from the Review.
    3. Personal Goals will be copied from the previous Review into the current Review automatically by the system.  If any of these Goals no longer apply, you can simply delete them from the Current review
    4. When Personal Goals are added, the Review must be Saved in order for those Goals to remain in the current Review
  2. The Personal Goals were deleted after being added to the current Review
    1. If a Personal Goal is added to a Review in any of the manners from above, you will have the ability to Delete each Goal individually if it should no longer be included
    2. Once a Personal Goal is deleted from the Review, it would need to be added back into the Review using one of the above methods again