Why are the entry fields grayed out for an employee's Performance Review?

Make sure that your employees are accessing their review from the correct area in Fuse. In order to work in their Review, instead of just viewing it, they need to access their Review through their ToDo items.

  1. Most likely, this employee is accessing his review using the following navigation in Fuse: My Account > My Performance Reviews > View Performance Review (magnifying glass icon).
  2. In order to continue working on his/her Review and have all fields accessible that they did before, the employee will need to access the Review through their ToDo items. They can do this either on their Dashboard (if configured) or by clicking on the ToDo items icon (bell) in the top right corner of the screen when logged into Fuse. Once they get to their ToDo items, they will click on the "Review" button to access and continue their Review.