What Time Data should I export if our company is leaving Fuse Workforce?

If your company is leaving Fuse Workforce's service, you need to consider what Time & Labor Management (TLM) data, and for what date range(s), you need to export for your records.

When leaving our service, it is important to understand that your company, and all of your users, will lose access to the Fuse Workforce system at the end of your contract period.  We recommend that you export all data, reports, forms, etc. that you might need in the future, prior to the access to Fuse being removed for your company.

Optionally, Fuse also offers a data access service for your company to maintain access to the Fuse system for a fee of $500 per month.  If you are interested, please reach out to Fuse to request this access and review further details of how this will work for your company.  If access is removed for your company and you need to reopen that access in the future, the cost to do so will be the same $500 per month.


Time & Labor Management Reports/Data 

Below is a list of the reports that Fuse recommends your company consider exporting from our system to support your future data retention needs.  Your company might not need all of these reports, or you might decide that you need additional reports, but those that Fuse is recommending are the most commonly used.

  1. Detailed Calculated Time: Team > Time > Reports > Calculated Time > Detailed Calculated Time
  2. Accruals Balances: Team > Accruals > Balances
  3. Accruals History: Team > Accruals > Details
  4. Time Off Requests: Team > Time > Time Off > History
  5. Points Balances: Team > Time > Points > Balances
  6. Points History: Team > Time > Reports > Points > Points History Report
  7. Leave Cases: Team > Leave > Cases
  8. Extra Pay Entries: Team > Time > Reports > Extra Pay > Detailed Extra Pay
  9. Attestation: Team > Time > Reports > Attestation > Questions and Answers
  10. Timesheet Notes: Team > Time > Reports > Time Allocation > All Timesheet Notes

It is important to remember that most of these reports can be run for a maximum range of 366-days.  Therefore, if you need to export data for multiple years of history from the Fuse system, you will need to run each report multiple times, adjusting your date range each time to fit within this maximum range.

With the reporting tools available in Fuse, you have vast options on how to customize the data that you include in each report, as your company's data needs will differ from others'.  You can find learning resources on Reporting using the following navigation path in Fuse: My Info > Help > My Learning (Classic) > Employee > section 3. Working with Reports.