What if a Verifier can't find an employee through The Work Number?

Troubleshooting steps if a Verifier reports that they cannot locate one of your employees through The Work Number system.

  1. Login to The Work Number using your credentials to validate your expected data.
    1. Do you find the employee in question in your company's The Work Number database?
    2. The data you have access to in your Employer Account depends on the Role you are assigned.
      1. The Work Number Employer Portal Guide
  2. Confirm with the Verifier that the Social Security Number (SSN) they are using matches what is in your Fuse system for the employee in question.
  3. Contact The Work Number Employer Support
    1. The Work Number Employer Resources
      1. Click Download under the first resource, The Work Number Employer Portal - Reference Guide for HR.
      2. Find the contact information for the Employer Support team at the bottom of the last page.
  4. Contact Fuse Support
    1. If none of the prior steps help you resolve the issue, please notify Fuse of what you could determine from the Verifier and The Work Number.
    2. If it is determined that there are issues with the data integration between Fuse and The Work Number, we will research the issue with our integration engineers.