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W2c Amendment Processing

How to review W2 updates and see if amendments are necessary

When are forms W2c required?

It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that your tax returns are filed correctly to the best of your capabilities. Fuse will share whatever information we have regarding amendments and requirements. Still, if you have any further questions or concerns on whether or not an amendment is necessary, you can find more information here:

  1. Review the IRS Instructions for Form W2c
  2. Consult your Tax Advisor

Common Reasons for Amendments

  • Name Change or Social Security Number Change: The IRS advises to process a form W2c.
  • Address Change: The IRS does not advise filing amendments for address changes.
  • Wage or Taxation Change: The IRS advises to process a form W2c.

Next Steps

  1. Whatever update is needed, always ensure that you update the Fuse system so that the employee data is correct moving forward.
  2. If you decide to process amendments on your own, please follow the IRS Instructions for Form W2c
  3. If you would like Fuse to assist with your amendment processing, please email support@fuseworkforce.com with the details so we can send you a quote for this service.