Updating your ALE List for 1094-C

If you are an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) and have more than one EIN, you must update your ALE list for every EIN to populate correctly on form 1094-C.

How to update the ALE List

  1. Navigate to Admin > Company Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup
  2. Search for the widget named Part of the Following ACA ALE Group. If you cannot find this widget, click on the Edit Tabs link to drag it into your view.

  3. Click on the List Name to view your list. If you do not see a list available, click the New List button.

    List name button
  4. The Left side of this popup will show the EIN already in the list, and the right side will show the EIN not currently in this ALE list. Move EIN to the opposing list using the delete or plus icons.EIN list
  5. Click Done.