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Neon's Trust Account Service Change - Action Required

As a result of the acquisition of neonHCM by Fuse, the Neon Trust Account Check service will no longer be offered, starting with your next payroll.

This means that all Live Checks, for Pay Statements that are not paid via Direct Deposit, as well as any Vendor Checks, will be issued on your company’s bank account.

To make this transition as easy as possible for your company, we will use the existing bank account(s) on file for your account to begin issuing Live Checks, to your employees, and Vendor Checks starting with your next payroll.  

For those employees or vendors that are currently set up as Direct Deposit, nothing will change from your current payroll processing.  

If you wish to use a different bank account for your company’s Live Checks and/or Vendor Checks, please inform us prior to processing your next payroll.  

If you inform us after this date, the change will not be made in time for your next payroll and will need to wait for a future payroll.

The most important part of changing the Live Checks and Vendor Checks to being issued on your company’s bank account will be the Check Signature.  Since these Checks will now be issued on your company’s bank account, we will need to add the signature of an authorized signer to our system.  In order for your Live Checks and/or Vendor Checks to be processed and delivered without interruption, we need to receive this signature prior to processing your next payroll. If we do not receive a signature from an authorized signer on your bank account before you process payroll, your Live Checks and/or Vendor Checks will be printed without a signature and the process of how they are prepared and delivered to you will be changed to allow for someone at your company to physically sign each check before they are distributed.

Click here to download the Check Signature Template

Click here to Confirm the Bank Account for Checks and Upload a Check Signature