Welcome to The Work Number by Equifax

Your company is Live on the Fuse Workforce Employment and Income Verification service powered by The Work Number(R)

Now that your company is officially live on The Work Number® database from Equifax, you can send verifiers, such as lenders and government agencies, to theworknumber.com for their employment and income requests.

We are excited to add this valuable feature to your Fuse Workforce service offering. The Work Number lowers your risk of accidentally providing employee information without a permissible purpose per the Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements; it reduces your company's workload in responding to verifier requests while providing your employees the opportunity for quicker time to decisions for loans, credit, and government benefits.

We are also pleased to provide you with the following materials to help you launch The Work Number service to your employees.

  • The Work Number Reference Manual: Provides an overview of The Work Number service and how the service is used.
  • Communication Materials: Provides useful tips on proven communication strategies, components, and communications templates you can customize.

These documents can be downloaded from the link below.  Please feel free to customize the templates to fit your organization's needs and save this link for future reference.


Each employer has been provided a unique, company-specific Employer Code for The Work Number®.  Equifax previously emailed this number to the primary contact at your company, but we have also added this information to your account in Fuse for your convenience. In Fuse, navigate as follows:

  • My Info > My Reports > My Saved Reports
  • Using the Saved As Name column, search for "The Work Number by Equifax"
  • Click the Run Report button to find your Employer Code(s) and helpful resources

Assign an Application webManager

Now that your company is live on The Work Number, you can access administrative features via webManager. Once your company's primary contact has designated all of your company's webManager(s), please use the following email address to contact Solutions Support to have them added: SolutionsSupport@theworknumber.com. You may elect to have multiple webManagers.

What Your Employees Need To Do To Access Their Account

For security reasons, if an employee wishes to access their account, they must first be authenticated by visiting theworknumber.com. They just need to click on "I'm an employee" from the home page and follow the prompts.

Once this process is complete, employees can log in and set up their own personal PIN for future access. In the rare instance when we cannot authenticate an employee, they will be redirected to your company's webManager for verification and to unlock the account.