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Sync Employees into the LMS

How to add, edit, or deactivate employee data in the Learning Management System (LMS)

The Basics

  • The system of record for employee data is on the Fuse side. If you need to add, edit, or remove employees' data from the LMS, you will first need to ensure that the user is entered correctly into the Fuse system.
  • The employee data on the LMS side is synchronized using the employee's Learning Profile.
  • User's will also only be able to access the LMS using their login through Fuse, so it is important to ensure they have the correct security settings in Fuse.

Adding Users's to the LMS

  • Users will only show up in Schoox once they have a learning profile assigned in the Fuse System. If you are trying to add someone into your LMS that is not an employee of your organization, they will still need to be hired into Fuse using "Not In Payroll" settings.
  • Learning Profiles can be assigned using the Employee Information import or via Settings > Mass Edit > Mass Edit profiles.
  • You can view the different learning profile options in the system under Settings > Profiles/Policies > Learning. These are prebuilt profiles, also called Academy Roles in the Schoox system. View this article to learn more about what each profile entails.

Checking Security Profiles for Access

  • Go to Settings > Profiles/Policies > Security. Click the icon next to each profile to review the settings available.
  • Each security profile will need two options reviewed.
    • On the HR Tab, the Learning checkbox will enable a manager report that will show employee's currently assigned trainings and completions. 
    • On the ESS tab, the Learning checkbox will allow for employees to see their own assigned and enrolled courses.
  • Both of the above screens in the web-based system will have an Access Learning button that will automatically open the LMS in a separate tab of their web browser.
  • Accessing either of these screens using the mobile app will automatically open the Schoox mobile app, or to the app store to allow the user to download this app. This mobile app will also have single sign on with the regular Fuse mobile app.


Deactivating User's in the LMS

  • User's are deactivated from the LMS once their learning profile has been removed from their account setup in Fuse.
  • Remove learning profiles by going to Settings > Mass Edit > Mass Edit profiles, selecting the employees, and marking the box to 'clear' all profiles.
  • As of the April 2024 release, the system will also give a warning when terminating an employee who has a Learning Profile. The person terminating the employee will see an option to remove the profile during the termination process.