Recording and Paying Time Off

Some frequently asked questions regarding recording and paying time off in the Fuse system.

  • What’s the proper way to record and pay time off taken by employees?
    • Hourly and salaried employees should always have their time off recorded on their timesheets. This allows any accrual balances to be properly updated and to report on time worked versus time off. 
    • Once your time off request is approved, the system will automatically make the necessary entry based on your approval. This automated process ensures accuracy and eliminates the need for manual entries. 

  • Will this double pay my salaried employees who get their salary auto-paid? 
    • No. Even though the hours (and amount are based on those hours) will sync into the payroll from the timesheets, the Time Off Earning Codes are set to automatically reduce any auto-populated salary by the amount of horus and pay for the time off being paid. 

  • What about unpaid time?
    • Any unpaid time off codes with hours recorded on the timesheet will come into the pay statement but will not pay anything. They will still allow the employee's salary to be reduced by the number of hours and the amount that is listed as unpaid. 

  • How do I pay for time off that should not reduce their salary but be paid in addition to it?
    • You should always pick a time off code on the timesheet or earning code on the pay statement that is set as a payout. This code will not reduce the salary but rather a payout in addition to the salary.