Recalculating your General Ledger

Any changes to general ledger codes or settings will require a recalculation to update previously finalized reports.

Why would I need to recalculate the general ledger?

  • Any changes to general ledger codes, formatting, or settings will apply to any future payroll.
  • Recalculating your general ledger on previously finalized payrolls will allow you to re-run a general ledger report with these updated settings.
  • If you are planning on making changes to your structure, recalculating a previously finalized payroll will allow you to test your new updates before you process your next payroll.

How to Recalculate

  1. Go to Team > Payroll > Process Payroll
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the payroll periods you wish to recalculate
  3. Click the Recalculate GL button on the top right