New Jersey Tax Registration

Helpful links to register for New Jersey withholding and unemployment accounts

New Jersey Division of Revenue (Income and Unemployment)

  1. New Jersey income and unemployment are applied for using a combined application and share the same account ID. The agency will use a variation of your Federal Identification Employer Number (FEIN) in a different format.
    1. If your FEIN is 12-3456789, your NJ account ID will most likely be 123-456-789/000
    2. The last three digits are most commonly 000, but please let Fuse know if you are assigned something different.
  2. Go to
  3. Complete the registration. If you have any questions, please reach out to the agency directly at 609- 292-6400
  4. Once your registration process is completed, Fuse will need:
    1. Your account ID (if different than mentioned above)
    2. Your filing frequency
    3. Your unemployment and disability rates
      1. Click here to learn more about how New Jersey unemployment rates work.
  5. Please forward the above items to