Nevada Tax Registration

Helpful links to register for your Nevada unemployment and modified business accounts

Nevada Department of Employment (Unemployment Tax)

  1. Nevada has one combined application for your unemployment and modified business tax accounts. You will receive separate account IDs from each agency. You do not need to complete this application more than once.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Register New Business for Unemployment Insurance
  4. Complete the registration. If you have any questions, please reach out to the agency directly at 775-684-6310
  5. Once your registration process is completed, Fuse will need:
    1. Your account ID
    2. Your unemployment rate
    3. Access to your account online, which will need to be assigned online
      1. Click here for instructions on assigning Fuse access
  6. Please forward the above items to

Nevada Department of Taxation (Modified Business Tax)

  1. Nevada will automatically assign you with the Modified Business Tax account ID with your unemployment registration.
  2. We will collect Modified Business Taxes due at the end of each quarter. You will receive an email from us with those calculations prior to the collection date.
  3. Fuse will need the following information from you to file and pay Modified Business Taxes:
    1. Your account ID
    2. Access to your account online
      1. Fuse will need to request this access for you to approve. Email your account ID to support@fuseworkforce.come so we can request this access.