My Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about the My Learning area of the system.

What is My Learning?

My Learning is an area of the system used for helpful training content about the Fuse Workforce Management System. These trainings have been given a face-lift to replace the older content in the My Learning (Classic). 


Watch this video to learn more:My Learning


Why don't I see the "My Learning" option in my Fuse menu?

Your Fuse login will automatically sync with the "My Learning" platform automatically, based on your last login to the Fuse system. There are two reports that can be used by your company administrators to help with this process:

  • My Learning Sync Status Report: to review when the user has been submitted for sync. The user will be submitted for sync after the next time the user logs into the system after the My Learning platform has been enabled.
  • Global Access Report: to review when the last Fuse login occurred. The full sync process should take about 1-3 business days after your last Fuse login.

Why don't I see the same training content as my coworkers?

My Learning content (both Learning Journeys and Learning Catalogs) will only show to users based on their Fuse system security profile. Company Administrators can view these settings in the security profile on the marketplace tab.

Why can't I find the same training content I was using in My Learning (Classic)?

We are diligently working to replace all the My Learning (Classic) content. Please email if you are missing any content that has not yet been updated.