Louisiana Unemployment - TPA Assignment

Fuse will need access to your LAUI account to file and pay your tax returns. Please follow the directions below to grant this access.

  1. Go to this URL: https://laors2.laworks.net/lawats/
  2. Enter your User Login ID and Password, and click Login.
  3. On the Employer Services page, click Agent Maintenance.
  4. You are asked to enter the email address that was provided when your employer login account was created. After doing so, click Verify Email Address.
    Note:  You can review and optionally change your account information, including your email address, by clicking Update User Login.
  5. Enter the Agent Access Code of HCTZS7H6 and click Confirm Agent Code.     
  6. Under Agent Access, check all boxes pertaining to Filing Tax Returns and Submitting Tax Payments
  7. Click Confirm Agent & Assign Access
  8. Please email support@fuseworkforce.com when you have completed these steps.