IRS ACA Error: 1095-C Line 15 is missing values

How to address the "1095-C Line 15" error from the IRS in response to your ACA data submission. (Error Code 1095C-020-05)

Form 1095-C, Line 15 is missing values (Error Code 1095C-020-05)


  • Identify the cause of the error.
    • Check your forms 1095-C to verify if Line 15, under Part II, contains the required data.
      • Line 15 is used to report the employee required contribution for the medical plans offered to each employee.
        • This is the monthly cost for the lowest cost employee-only minimum essential coverage, providing minimum value that your company offers.
        • The amount reported on line 15 may not be the amount the employee actually paid for coverage, depending on IF they enrolled in Coverage and if the plan they enrolled in was a higher-cost plan.
      • Line 15 amounts are only reported in conjunction with certain Line 14 codes.
        • Amounts should be reported if Line 14 has Code: 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1J, 1K, 1L, 1M, 1N, 1O, 1P, 1Q, 1T, or 1U.
        • If any other code is reported in Line 14, Line 15 should be blank.
        • Note: is it correct in certain situations for Line 15 to have amounts in only some of the columns.
          • For example: If Line 14 has code 1H in the month columns of Jan-Apr, and Code 1E in the month columns of May-Dec, Line 15 should only have amounts in the month columns of May-Dec, while Line 15 should be blank for the month columns of Jan-Apr.
      • If Line 15 is incorrect, the most common causes are incorrect Benefit Profile assignments in the employee record or incorrect ACA Settings within the Medical type Benefit Plans.
  • Correct the error in Fuse.
    • Update the Employee settings/data if applicable.
    • Update the Benefit Plan settings if applicable.
    • Update the Benefit Profile settings if applicable.
    • Update the Forms 1095-C that do not have Line 15 populated correctly