IRS ACA Error: 1095-C Company Phone # is missing

How to address the "1095-C Missing Phone #" error from the IRS in response to your ACA data submission. (Error Code 1095C-047)

Form 1095-C, Line 15 is missing values (Error Code 1095C-020-05)


  • Identify the cause of the error.
    • Check your forms 1095-C to verify if Box 10, "Contact telephone number," is blank.
    • Check your form 1094-C to verify if Box 8, "Contact telephone number," is blank.
    • Check the ACA Settings widget under Company Setup to verify if the "ACA Form Contact Phone" field is populated.
      • Navigate to: Settings > Global Setup > Company Setup > Global Policies tab > ACA Settings widget.
  • Correct the error in Fuse.
    • Update the forms 1095-C that you found Box 10 is blank, using the mass-edit tool.
    • If your original Form 1094-C has Box 8 blank, you will need to create a new Form 1094-C, ensuring Box 8 is populated, and mark the "Corrected" box.
    • If the "ACA Form Contact Phone" field is blank in the ACA Settings widget, enter the correct phone # to ensure future Forms 1095-C and 1094-C are auto-populated correctly.
      • If your company is a multi-EIN organization, please review and update this setting for each EIN as needed.