IRS ACA Error: 1094-C Part IV is Missing Values

How to address the "1094-C Part IV" error from the IRS in response to your ACA data submission. (Error Code 1094C-060-02 )

Form 1094-C, Part IV, "Other ALE Members Group," is missing values.


  • Identify the cause of the error.
    • If row 21, "Is ALE Member a member of an aggregated ALE group?" has the "Yes" box selected, then Part IV, "Other ALE Members..." must have at least one instance entered on rows 36 - 65
    • If your company is NOT part of an ALE group, row 21 should not be marked as "Yes."
  • Correct the error in Fuse.
    • Creating new Form(s) 1094-C for Resubmission
    • Instead of manually checking the boxes under Column (a), use the "Populate Form" button to complete the "1094 Questionnaire Confirmation" pop-up window and ensure your new form 1094-C is completed correctly.
    • If your company is part of an Aggregated Large Employer (ALE) group, you must select a group under the "Part of the Following ACA ALE Group" widget under Company Setup.
    • If your company is NOT part of an Aggregated Large Employer (ALE) group, do NOT select the "ALE Member is a member of an Aggregated ALE Group for at least one calendar year month" when completing the "1094 Questionnaire Confirmation" pop-up window.